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Fluorite and Blue Mica 
Mental Clarity and Stress Reduction


Sastun® set in a sterling silver pendant.

Pendants are 18mm in diameter (about the size of a penny)

Fluorite and Blue Mica are embedded in this pendant and it is created with the intentions of mental clarity and stress reduction.


Each pendant comes with an information card.

Shaman's Dawn: Sastun - Stone of Light for Mental Clarity & Stress

  • About Sastun®:

    Stone of Light- "Sastun" is an ancient term from the Mayan traditions. In the Yucatec language the word for light is "sas" and the word for stone is "tun". So "Sastun" refers to a "stone of light".

    Sastun® pendants collect vital life energy, amplify and balance it, and then radiate it outward into our aura for healing, vitalization, and purification of the auric field and energy centers. One of the most amazing qualities of Sastun® pendants is that they absorb light and photons and then they glow- radiating that collected energy back out in an amplified and purified form.

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