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Meet Kurundi



It all began when a depleted young woman, age 39, was searching to find her true Self after she retired from serving 21 years in the military. Her journey led her back to school. Through her education she became a certified CNA and continued her education to become a Registered Nurse (RN) but quickly realized that profession was not her journey. She needed something that fed her soul and was closer to her heart. Holistic Wellness was more like her normal heart beat. She quickly switches her health profession to more of an overall wellness approach. After graduation from Massage therapy School in 2013, Kurundi immediately opened up Kurundi’s Massage Suite & Spa where she served her community for over three years.

As her reputation started to spread, she started to build up her team of holistic practitioners to help her bring awareness to the community. Nearing her 5th year in business, Kurundi renamed her business BREATHE Holistic Health & Wellness Spa. It is here where she and her team teach their clients how to BREATHE…on a mental/emotional & spiritual level. 


Kurundi travelled to different continents learning the healing properties of different plant medicinal medicines and embracing different holistic modalities such as Shamanism and BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Systems while expanding her personal growth and education to help  contribute to the healing of her community.

After Covid, Breathe lost quite a few therapist and had to pivot and make changes to continue the vision of the ultimate integration of healing to the whole person by gradually incorporating all the techniques that was learned while she was abroad 2019-2021 and making her facility an intimate exclusive place to heal.


Currently, Kurundi continues to hold space and provide services in her facility for the clients that walking on their individual paths of their spiritual journey.


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